By Brainwave Frequency

Your brain is constantly generating electrical pulses.
These pulses fluctuate rhythmically in patterns known as brainwaves patterns.
The rate at which these waves pulsate determine your state of mind.

Awakened Mind’s iMusic is created with Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer, Bass, Drums, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Clarinet, Saxophone, Didgeridoo and Bagpipes.

The latest software is used to integrate brainwave entrainment capabilities in the music file without the need for headphones or stereo, but of course the best headphones are the most highly recommended way of listening to any brainwave entrainment programs.

Beta 12- 38 Hz


AM iMusic Beta Sample



Beta helps with Focus and Concentration. Stressed out is too much high beta (over 25). While beta wave patterns correspond with being wide awake, many people are not producing very much beta wave activity. Their brainwaves show they are almost sleepwalking. These entrainment programs help you focus without stress.



Alpha 8-12 Hz

AM iMusic Alpha Sample

Alpha makes you Relaxed but alert. Very receptive. Alpha is used for hypnosis, meditation & Accelerated Learning. Alpha is the bridge to the subconscious mind. Most people in advanced cultures have little alpha so they are unable to relax. Music Your Mind sound tools train your brain to relax by increasing the alpha waves. Also, Alpha training is used by universities all over the world to aid student’s ability to learn, process, store, and recall large amounts of information.





Theta 4-8Hz


AM iMusic Theta Sample
Theta makes you feel Drowsiness-First sleep stage- Accelerated healing. Theta waves are slower than alpha. REM sleep is experienced here. Also, theta is associated with creativity, however, there needs to be enough alpha waves which are the bridge to the subconscious mind- to access and remember this creativity. In addition, Dr. Thomas Budzynski, a noted researcher in the field of audio visual entrainment, pointed out that critical and self-sabotaging filters of the brain are bypassed in theta. If you want to change beliefs or habit patterns “a lot of work gets done very quickly.”




Delta 0.5-4Hz



AM iMusic Delta Sample


In Delta Sleep State – HGH is released which helps energy and slows aging. Delta brainwave patterns are known for dreamless sleep. When your dominant brainwave is Delta, your body is healing itself and “resetting” its internal clocks. Many people have stressful sleep because they lack enough alpha waves to relax their bodies.


by Entrainment Method


—– Monaural Beats —–

Monaural Beats

—– Binaural Beats —–

Binaural Beats




—– Isochronic Tones —–

Isochronic Tones



—– Combined with Music —–

Modulated Music



There is a CAUTION…. if you suffer from any seizure disorders, or a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia or a psychotic disorder, or have had a head injury or brain trauma, AM iMusic advises you to NOT use binaural beats or sound therapy programs. But for the majority of people, these programs are safe. Always use common sense; don’t drive, use heavy machinery, cook, or do anything potentially dangerous and requiring your full attention while using ANY self hypnosis, subliminal, sound therapy or binaural beat program, and if you feel your symptoms worsening, or feel very uncomfortable, discontinue use.


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